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From May 17th:

Hi Screenline Friends,

We have a meeting on Monday, May 22.  Usual time and place: 7-9 pm at Starbucks on Lake Boone Trail in Raleigh, exit 5 from the I-440 Beltline.  Turn right at the bottom of the ramp from either direction.  Starbucks is between Chick-fil-A and McDonalds, just beyond the first traffic light past the underpass from the eastbound or inner loop ramp and at the bottom of the westbound or outer loop ramp.

Here's a map for reference.

Not to worry, the room IS booked this time.  Someone else made the actual reservation for the April meeting, and did it by phone.  That should have been good enough; but the barista who took the reservation must have gotten distracted and did not write the April date down in their book.  This time, I did the reservation in person.


I’m was able to book June 19.


No screenwriting classes are scheduled for the summer.   I’m taking the summer off.

Not sure yet if any classes will be available in the fall.  The class structures are under revision, and must be approved by the school before they can be scheduled.  It may be the spring of 2018 before the newly restructured classes can be offered. 


If you are interested in a private Intro to Screenwriting class – that is, not offered through Wake Tech – for this fall, I am open to teaching such a class assuming a suitable venue could be found.  Any ideas?
This would be a ten week, once per week class meeting for 2-1/2 hours per session.  Tuition would be $100 per student.  I would like to have at least five students.
We would need a site with the capability for showing DVD video on a large screen TV, with comfortable seating for five to 12 persons.

If you are interested in a class, and especially if you can help find a venue – note, the public libraries are out, unfortunately – please contact me at


“The Circle,” starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, is a movie that will – or should – make you think.  In many respects, it portrays a fictional world that could be awfully close – indeed, uncomfortably close to the horizon.  The story is a bit unusual in that the heroine (Watson) is not in actual physical jeopardy at any time; however, the possibility seems to lurk just below the surface.

“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” is at best, mindless fun.  I didn’t find anything profound in this spoof on “Star Wars,” but it’s a cool way to spend a couple of hours.  There WILL be a “Volume 3” of this series; I’m actually waiting for it because I suspect that anything profound may be found in the third film.  (if, that is, I can remember enough about 1 and 2 to understand how it was set up.  “Star Wars” it ain’t…!)

That’s a wrap for now.  See you at Screenline!


P.S. The following items have been mentioned in previous e-mail, so I'm including them again here.


We do ask that your work be in screenplay format, and if you don’t have software, please look into a free program called Celtx (pronounced KEL-tix).  You can download it at their website.

This program has a lot in common, operationally, with major screenwriting softwares like Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter; so it’s a great starter tool.  Once you master Celtx, you’ll have a big heads-up on using the “big” softwares.


Screenline member Zach Smith shared with the group at our January meeting the website "Go Into the Story" by Scott Myers (a former teacher at UNC).  The website has articles, inverviews, lessons, and challenges, all of interest to screenwriters.  Check it out to help you with your writing and promoting of your screenplays.

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Monday, June 19, 2017 at 7:00 pm at Starbucks at Lake Boone Trail.

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