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From July 10th:

Hi Screenline Friends,

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July, and that it was a safe one.  Summer is flying by!  Keep it safe!

We have a meeting coming up on Monday, July 17.  Usual time and place:  7-9 pm at Starbucks on Lake Boone Trail in Raleigh.  Starbucks is located just outside of the I-440 Beltline; take Exit 5 and turn right at the bottom of either exit ramp.

Here's a map for reference.

Please bring your work in to be read and critiqued.  Eight to ten copies are needed, so that everyone at the table can have one or share two-on-one.  For the purpose of meetings, double sided copies are acceptable if you want to save a little expense (but of course, you’d never ever submit double sided copies to a contest, studio or production company; single sided only!). 


The date hasn’t been firmed up yet – I can only book the space 30 calendar days ahead – but I’m looking at August 14 or August 21, depending upon what is available.  Maybe it’ll be settled by the July meeting.  You can always get the latest information on this web site, as it’s posted there in advance of the newsletter coming out.  (August 14th was established as the meeting date)


No classes are scheduled for the fall.  I’m hoping for Spring 2018.


I have only heard from one person who would be interested in a screenwriting class if one were offered this fall; I would like to have at least five students.  However, there is still the matter of finding a place to hold such a class.  I was told there might be a chance of using a site in Fuquay-Varina, but this hasn’t yet materialized.  Quite honestly, I’d prefer a more centrally located site, either in Raleigh or Cary.  Any ideas?  The site needs to be available for 8 to 10 weeks.  It would, hopefully, be free or nearly so.  Ideally it would have a way to project video so that we could watch portions of movies in class. 

I’d love to use Starbucks, but unfortunately their requirement for booking no earlier than one month ahead puts the schedule at too much risk.  Starbucks is a very popular meeting site, and we are fortunate to be able to use it for Screenline; but a weekly class is not an option there.

If anyone has ideas or interest, please message me at rather than the Screenline address on Hotmail.  You wouldn’t believe the amount of spam that comes in to that box, and it’s too easy to miss a message as a result.  Writersinbox is much quieter.


I recently saw the Disney Pixar film “Cars 3,” since I’d watched the first 2 in the series.  I disagree with the News & Observer reviewer who said that this movie “misses the opportunity to tell a good story.”  While I do think the original “Cars” is the best of the bunch, the third movie is still a great story of life lessons and transitions.  Maybe the reviewer didn’t look deeply enough.  I find that many Pixar films have lots of subtlety that appeals to a broad audience.

I’m looking forward to “Dunkirk” when it hits the theaters in July.  This one could perhaps become the last great WW2 epic;  and to my knowledge this may be the first time the amazing story has been made into a film.

That’s a wrap for now.  See you at Screenline!


Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Monday, August 14, 2017 at 7:00 pm at Starbucks at Lake Boone Trail.

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