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From November 7th:

Hi Screenline Friends,

We have a meeting coming up on Monday, November 13.  Usual time and place, 7-9 pm at Starbucks on Lake Boone Trail in Raleigh, off the I-440 Beltline at Exit 5.  From the exit ramps on either the inner or outer loops, turn right at the bottom.  Starbucks is about a block west of the Beltline, between Chick-fil-A and McDonalds.

Here's a map for reference.

Please bring in your work to be read and critiqued.  We can read about 10 to 20 pages and have time to critique it and then get to one or two more folks.  For meeting purposes, double sided copies are okay if you want to save paper.


We have not yet finalized the details of our December anniversary meeting but just as soon as they are I will get out a newsletter.  The date and location will also be posted on this web site, so be sure to keep a watch on the site. 

NOTE, please:  We may have to schedule the event for other than a Monday; we’ll do our best, but this all depends upon what space we can get and when we can get it.

For the last couple of years we have held the anniversary meeting at Trali's Irish pub in Brier Creek, just off Moncrieffe Drive.  We may try to do this again.  No matter where we choose, you’ll have ample directions provided, probably a link to a map or a list of driving directions.  Or both.
Remember, the December meeting is a social event.  We always like to see old friends, even if you may not have been to a regular meeting in a while.  Please come!


Still no classes scheduled for the Spring.  It’s almost time for the fall schedule to be turned in, so perhaps they can be available again in Fall 2018.  Stay tuned.


Sorry this is so short, this time.  I’m waiting to recommend a film that seems truly outstanding, and several appear to be coming up.  The new “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” movie comes out about a week before Christmas.  I also want to see “Wonder” which debuts next weekend. 

For now, that’s a wrap; see you at Screenline!


P.S. If you have news or information you’d like to share, send it to me at and I will get it posted to the web site. 

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Monday, November 13, 2017 at 7:00 pm at Starbucks at Lake Boone Trail.

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