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From January 2nd:

Hi Screenline Friends,

Happy New Year to all!  Can you believe that 2019 will be Screenline’s twenty-sixth year?  I’m looking for great things to happen in the coming months. 

We have a meeting coming up this Monday, January 7.  Usual time and place, 7-9 PM at Starbucks, 3800 Lake Boone Trail, just off the I-440 Raleigh Beltline at Exit 5.  Starbucks is located just outside (west of) the Beltline, and is a right turn from the exit ramps at either direction from the Beltline.  Pass by the Circle K gas station, and Starbucks is located between Chick-fil-A and McDonalds.  Here's a map for orientation.

Back to the December meeting, which was also the 25th Anniversary party:  I missed it due to circumstances beyond my control, though I had every intention of being there and was very disappointed that I couldn’t make it.  In fact, I was en route to the party when I had an accident in which I hit a traffic island, which destroyed a tire and wheel on my car.  I wasn’t hurt, other than being scared out of my wits; but there was one casualty – the cake!  Our beautiful 25th Anniversary cake was sitting on the seat and went flying when I hit the island, ending up in the floorboard, all wadded up in its box.

From the reports I received, the party was a success, with about a dozen people in attendance.  I surely missed seeing everyone, and apologize for my absence.


I am looking at February 11, assuming that date can be booked at Starbucks.  March 11 is also a Monday, and I will try to book that date as well once the time to do so rolls around. 


Tim McDevitt sent the following information regarding this local event, now in its second year.
“The Cary Film Festival just announced their theme and rules for next year's short film screenwriting contest.  The link to the webiste is attached below.  I plan to enter and I think it would be a great challenge & exercise for the Screenline group to submit as many scripts as possible.  Let's show Cary how much talent resides in their own backyard!"

The Cary presents BEYOND: The Film Festival, June 13-17, celebrating the art of storytelling thru cinema with short films and screenplay competitions.

Thanks to Tim McDevitt for passing along the information.  Tim was the winner of the contest last year, and he is eager to see more Screenline folks enter this time.

That’s a wrap for now.  See you at Screenline!!!


P.S. If you have news or information you’d like to share, send it to me at and I will get it posted to the web site. 

Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be on Monday, February 11 at Starbucks off Lake Boone Trail.

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